India – Sulle vie dell’illuminazione

The curators from the exhibit “Sulle vie dell’illuminazione – Il mito dell’India nella cultura occidentale 1808-2017” have selected three pictures from my set on Alang, India.

The collective photo exhibit takes place at the MASI (LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura) in Lugano (Switzerland) from September 23rd, 2017 to January 21st, 2018.

The selected three pictures from the Ships scrapyard in Alang (India).

Révélations. Photographies à Genève

The curators from the exhibit “Révélations. Photographies à Genève » have selected four pictures from my set on garbage collectors.

The collective photo exhibit takes place at the Musée Rath in Geneva from May 27th to September 11th, 2016.

Switzerland. Geneva. Musée Rath. A visitor is looking at my four pictures on garbage collectors. May 26th, 2016

A visitor is looking at garbage collectors’ images in Musée Rath, Geneva (Switzerland) – May 26th, 2016

Masterworks of Industrial photography

I’m glad to be part of a book edited by MAST Foundation (Bologna, Italy) and curated by Urs Stahel about Masterworks of industrial photography.

The book collects all the photographs shown during the first two years of the MAST photogallery exhibitions (2013-2014).

The book is published by Electa (Milano, Italy), 2015.

  • 30 cm
  • hardcover
  • 701 pages
  • 508 photos
  • Italian-English text


Collective exhibition “Recycled”

From October 30th to November 15th at Villa Dutoit in Geneva (Switzerland).

China. Province of Guangdong. The village of Beilin is part of the town of Guiyu. A male worker, seated on a plastic stool, takes down by hand electronic components from printed and integrated circuits of old discarded computers. The various parts will be recycled for its metals, electronic components, chips,...© 2004 Didier Ruef

Province of Guangdong, China – 2004

Baptiste Coulon, Gérard Lüthi, Dylan Perrenoud, Didier Ruef, Cyril Vandenbeusch
Les quatre photographes de générations différentes nous proposent un regard varié sur la thématique très actuelle des matériaux recyclés. Une vision engagée pour Didier Rueff, plus distancée pour Baptiste Coulon, Dylan Perrenoud et Cyril Vandenbeusch, qui détournent et mettent en scène les objets récupérés. Quant à Gérard Luthi, il se concentre sur l’omniprésence du plastique dans notre quotidien.

  • exposition: 30 octobre au 15 novembre
  • vernissage: 29 octobre dès 18h
  • rencontre avec Didier Ruef: 31 octobre à 11h, suivi d’un brunch 10 fr.-

Paper recycling in Brazil

A radio comment about the image “Paper recycling in Brazil”.

Recycling paper, Sao Paulo, Brazil - 1994

Recycling paper, Sao Paulo, Brazil – 1994

[Moby Dick, RSI Rete 2 – May 9th, 2015]