The power of photography

the power of photography workshops are open to passionate amateurs and professional photographers. No porfolio requirements are requested in advance.

Didier Ruef will carefully review each participant’s portfolio at the beginning of the workshop. The first meeting and discussions are the basis for a better understanding of each one’s desire and interest. An overall planning will then be arranged so that each participant can get the most of the workshop’s experience, be inspired and pushed to new levels while looking at situations in society and the world around.

The workshops include daily shooting and editing. Every day, each participant will go alone, in pairs or in small groups, to take pictures in the streets or for a given project he is interested in. The participants will meet in the evening and edit individually the images shot during the day. The editing process is as crucial and creative as shooting. The first days, Didier Ruef will closely collaborate with each photographer and supervise its edit by helping to choose the strongest images and make sure that the pictures chosen satisfy his own need and intentions. The art of editing is to optimize the work shot and truly express yourself and your feelings through the photos.

Workshops are all about individual in depth photographers wanting to expand their photography skills and knowledge. Participants will develop awareness towards their own work and the world around them, discuss theirs and other people’s work by sharing critics on editing and stories developed. Editing pictures happens each day during the workshop and makes it a fascinating learning experience for all participants seing in the process how the work of each individual evolves throughout the course of the workshop. Along the way, Didier Ruef will share with students his long experience in the field, both as a photographer and as an author of five books. On the last evening, the final work of each participant will be projected on a screen. The final objective will be to comment and share feelings about the images, the place and its people.

Photographers can use any digital camera they wish. They should bring their own laptop, external drives to store their files and editing softwares. Also remember to bring your own power cables, adapters and any other accessories you may need.

Accomodation and flights must be organized individually. Didier Ruef will choose a location where the workshop will be held and recommend  a few hotels. In case the places do not suit the needs or standards of the participants or lack certain commodities, they should look for alternative places, preferably nearby the location of the workshop for convenience.


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