Lecture – Università degli studi di Milano. Sostenibilità nel prisma della fotografia

I am invited to give a lecture about “Sostenibilità nel prisma della fotografia” on Monday the 12th of November 2018 at the Università degli studi di Milano.

I will talk about my book Recycle and the themes of waste, sustainability and recycling. I captured a variety of situations revealing the face of humanity behind the waste it produces, recycles or has to endure.

China. Guiyu. Ewaste recycling © 2004 Didier Ruef

“Sostenibilità nel prisma della fotografia” in Università degli studi di Milano (PDF)

More pictures from the book Recycle on www.didierruef.com

Nepal – Workshop at Shiva Ratri Festival 2018

“Shiva Ratri Festival 2018”
Photographic journey in Nepal, February 9-23, 2018

Naga Sadhus – 2013

Live an unique experience in Nepal during a travel photographic workshop.

Details of the trip are available in French, but both photographer speak fluent English, Italian and German.

Geneva – Salon du livre 2017 Géo-Découverte

On Géo-Découverte’s stall, two pictures by Didier Ruef from Ethiopia and India. The pictures are used to promote travel photographic workshops.

The New Yorker. Madeeha Al-Musawi

The New Yorker. Madeeha Al-Musawi, an Iraqui heroine.

The New Yorker. October 5 2015

The New Yorker. October 5 2015

“Madeeha Al-Musawi, an Iraqui heroine » in The New Yorker.

On the New Yorker from October 5 2015, a picture from muslim women standing in front of the Holy Shrine of Iman Ali mosque in Najaf, Iraq.

More pictures on http://www.didierruef.com

RSI ReteDue – Oil bath in Azerbaijan

A radio comment about the image “Oil bath in Azerbaijan”.

Oil bath, Azerbaijan - 2007

Oil bath, Azerbaijan – 2007

[Moby Dick, RSI Rete 2 – January 31th, 2015]