Jam Unine / Regarder le Covid-19 à travers les yeux des (photo)journalistes

On May 13th 2020 of Jam Unine , you can listen to a radio interview by Léo Tichelli about my work on Covid-19 in Lugano.

Jam Unine is a Web Magazine produced by ” Académie du Journalisme et des Médias”, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Jam Unine. Didier Ruef. May 13th, 2020

Switzerland. Ticino. Lugano. Easter in San Lorenzo Cathedral. RSI Cameraman. April 12th, 2020

More pictures on www.didierruef.com

Ricoh GR Ambassador

Didier Ruef is a Ricoh GR Ambassador.

Didier Ruef is a Ricoh GR Ambassador

Didier Ruef is a Ricoh GR Ambassador

Review about GR

I always have the Ricoh GR camera with me and I carry it in my jacket’s pocket. The camera is small, light and does not take much space. I know that if I see something interesting, I will be immediately ready to snap pictures. The camera has a fixed 28 mm lens and I choose the right distance by moving my body and getting closer to my subjet. I can easily access the different programs and in a matter of seconds I shoot the pictures I am interested in. The Ricoh GR is well designed and I am very happy with the high resolution files that I get from such a tiny photographic tool. I can be close and intimate with people while shooting pictures. The Ricoh GR helps me to be discreet. It is a fantastic non intrusive camera and lets you discover places and meet people you cannot even imagine.