Choisir – Au nom de Dieu: le Biafra aujourd’hui

On the latest issue (June – September 2020) of Choisir, you can look at my reportage in Biafra, Nigeria.

Choisir, No 696, Page 56-57. June 29th, 2020

“Au nom de Dieu: le Biafra aujourd’hui” on eight pages in Choisir (PDF)

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Jam Unine / Regarder le Covid-19 à travers les yeux des (photo)journalistes

On May 13th 2020 of Jam Unine , you can listen to a radio interview by Léo Tichelli about my work on Covid-19 in Lugano.

Jam Unine is a Web Magazine produced by ” Académie du Journalisme et des Médias”, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Jam Unine. Didier Ruef. May 13th, 2020

Switzerland. Ticino. Lugano. Easter in San Lorenzo Cathedral. RSI Cameraman. April 12th, 2020

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Swissinfo – A Nigerian with a dream becomes a priest in Switzerland

On the web site of Swissinfo from January 11th 2020, you can look at my reportage on Father Gerald Ani, a Nigerian with a dream who becomes a priest in Switzerland.

Swissinfo. January 11th, 2020.(click image to enlarge)

Swissinfo. January 11th, 2020

More pictures about Father Gerald Ani in Switzerland and in Nigeria

Écho Magazine – Au Biafra, Dieu est partout

On the issue (September 12th, 2019) of Écho Magazine, you can look at the cover and six pages on my reportage in Nigeria on “Au Biafra, Dieu est partout”.

Écho Magazine. No 37, Page 1-20-25. September 12th, 2019

“Au Biafra, Dieu est partout” in Écho Magazine (PDF)

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L’illustré – Avec le Révérend Chukwudi

On the latest issue (December 2nd, 2019) of L’illustré, you can look at my reportage in Switzerland and Nigeria on “Avec le Révérend Chukwudi, de sa paroisse tessinoise à son Nigeria natal”.

L’illustré. No 51, Page 40-41. December 18th, 2019

“Avec le Révérend Chukwudi, de sa paroisse tessinoise à son Nigeria natal” on six pages in L’illustré (PDF)

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Écho Magazine – L’heure des prêtres noirs

On the latest issue (March 28th, 2019) of Écho Magazine, you can look at my reportage on African priests in Ticino, Switzerland.

Écho Magazine. No 13. Pages 20-25. March 28th, 2019

“Lugano. L’heure des prêtres noirs” in Écho Magazine (PDF)

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Le Temps – Les Pouilles dans votre appareil photo. Workshop December 5-9, 2018

On the latest issue (September 20, 2018) of Le Temps, an article about my workshop in Italy, Apulia December 5-9, 2018.

Le Temps. September 20, 2018

“Les Pouilles dans votre appareil photo” in Le Temps (PDF)

Live an unique experience in Apulia, Italy – Workshop December 5-9, 2018 during an itinerant photographic workshop.

Details of the trip are available in French, but both photographer and guide speak fluent English, Italian and German.

If you are interested or you need more information, feel free to contact Géo-Découverte or myself by email.

Azione – Guidati della fede

On the latest issue (September 17, 2018) of Azione, you can look at my reportage on African Catholic Priests in Lugano, Canton Ticino, Switzerland.

Azione No 18 Page 8. September 17, 2018

“Guidati delle fede” in Azione (PDF)

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Sonntagnachmittag in der Schweiz – Cadro

On the NZZ am Sonntag from February 11 2018, a picture from Sunday afternoon’s daily life in Cadro, Canton Ticino, Switzerland.

NZZ am Sonntag. Cadro. Festa patronale di Sant’Agata. Canton Ticino. February 4, 2018. Page 24

NZZ am Sonntag (PDF)

UN News Centre – Eritrea debe pasar a ser una prioridad de la Agenda 2030

On the web site of UN (United Nations) News Centre from July 13, 2017, a picture shot in Eritrea for The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

A group of women, muslim and christians mixed together, listen to a lecture on HIV Aids. Behavioural Change Communication (BCC), Hagaz, Anseba province, Eritrea – 2006