Le Temps – Sur l’Olympe du Tessin, au Generoso

On pages 17 (July 22nd, 2020) of Le Temps, you can look at my reportage on the family Cereghetti running the Agriturismo Dosso dell’Ora on Monte Generoso, Canton Ticino, Switzerland.

Le Temps. Page 17. July 22nd, 2020

“Sur l’Olympe du Tessin, au Generoso ” in Le Temps (PDF)

More pictures on www.didierruef.com

Azione – Bunker Multiuso

On the latest issue (July 6th, 2020) of Azione, you can look at my picture on a private bunker in Toricella, Canton Ticino, Switzerland.

Azione, Page 3. July 6th, 2020

“Bunker Multiuso” in Azione (PDF)

More pictures on www.didierruef.com

If you want to know more about bunkers, check my Sonnenberg Tunnel in Lucerne, Switzerland.