Écho Magazine – Minorque. Le cheval au coeur de la foule

On the issue (January 30th, 2020) of Écho Magazine, you can look on six pages at my reportage in Minorca, Spain, about “Le cheval au coeur de la foule”.

Écho Magazine. No 5, Page 20-25. January 30th, 2020

“Minorque. Le cheval au coeur de la foule” in Écho Magazine (PDF)

More pictures on www.didierruef.com

Nepal – Workshop at Shiva Ratri Festival 2018

“Shiva Ratri Festival 2018”
Photographic journey in Nepal, February 9-23, 2018

Naga Sadhus – 2013

Live an unique experience in Nepal during a travel photographic workshop.

Details of the trip are available in French, but both photographer speak fluent English, Italian and German.