Afrika, Letzte Hoffnung

corso_PPP_Afrika_USI have just received a reprint copy of the book Afrika, Letzte Hoffnung.

The first edition of the book was printed in September 2011.
The second edition of 1200 copies has a new beautiful cover.

You can buy the new book on or the previous edition on my website.

Product details

  • ISBN-13: 9783737407212
  • ISBN-10: 3737407215
  • Publisher: Corso Verlag
  • Publication date: 1 Sep 2015
  • Edition: Edition Number 15002; 2. Auflage.
  • Pages: 142
  • Original language of a translated text: Italian
  • Language of text: German
  • Product dimensions: 180mm (w) x 244mm (h) x 17mm (d)