Écho Magazine – Italie / Tessin. Campione mise à nouveau sur son casino

On the latest issue (April 26th, 2022) of Écho Magazine, you can look at the reportage I did about the rebirth of Campione d’Italia.

Écho Magazine, No 17, Page 20-21. April 26th, 20220

“Italie / Tessin. Campione mise à nouveau sur son casino” on six pages in Écho Magazine (PDF)

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Milken Institute – The Border Tax Unraveled

On the web site of Milken Institute Review from April 17, 2017, a picture about laughing customs officers at the he border between Switzerland and France.

Switzerland. Canton Vaud. La Cure. French and swiss customs officers talk together and laugh on each side of the paving stone which mark the official border line. – 1992

The New Yorker. Madeeha Al-Musawi

The New Yorker. Madeeha Al-Musawi, an Iraqui heroine.

The New Yorker. October 5 2015

The New Yorker. October 5 2015

“Madeeha Al-Musawi, an Iraqui heroine » in The New Yorker.

On the New Yorker from October 5 2015, a picture from muslim women standing in front of the Holy Shrine of Iman Ali mosque in Najaf, Iraq.

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