Swiss Press Photo 21 – 3rd Prize Swiss Stories / MOPS_DanceSyndrome

I am thrilled to announce that I won the 3rd Prize Swiss Stories at the Swiss Press Photo 21 for my reportage on MOPS_DanceSyndrome. The reportage was published by L’Illustré, Azione, Echo Magazine and Swissinfo.

MOPS_DanceSyndrome is an independent Swiss artistic, cultural and social organisation operating in the field of contemporary dance and disability.

Swiss Press Photo 21. 3rd Prize Swiss Stories. MOPS_DanceSyndrome. Pages 90-91. Steidl, 2021.

Swiss Press Photo 21
Germany, 2021.
ISBN 978-3-95829-884-2

L’illustré – Une troupe de danse unique en Europe. MOPS_DanceSyndrome

On the latest issue (November 25th, 2020) of L’illustré, you can look at my reportage “Une troupe de danse unique en Europe” on MOPS_DanceSyndrome in Switzerland.

L’illustré. No 48, Page 40-45. November 25th, 2020

“Une troupe de danse unique en Europe” on six pages in L’illustré (PDF)

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RSI ReteDue – Man and death

A radio comment about the image “Man and death”.

Open air theatre performance. A widow, dressed in black clothes, is cleaning a coffin with a handkerchief. Geneva. Switzerland -1994

[Moby Dick, RSI Rete 2 – September 16th, 2017]