Écho Magazine – Tessin. Les forces spéciales à l’assaut !

On the latest issue (May 26th, 2022) of Écho Magazine, you can look at my reportage on six pages about Special Intervention Unit, Ticino State Police on lake Lugano in Switzerland.

Écho Magazine. No 21. Pages 22-23. May 26th, 2022

“Tessin. Les forces spéciales à l’assaut !” in Écho Magazine (PDF)

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Azione – Operazione Timone

On the latest issue (May 23rd, 2022) of Azione, you can look at the reportage about Special Intervention Unit,Ticino State Police (Switzerland).

Azione. No 21. Page 9. May 23rd, 2022

“Operazione Timone” in Azione (PDF)

More pictures on www.didierruef.com