Storytelling is what man has done since he started to draw sketches about daily life on walls’ caves. Today we have the chance to have in our hands a wonderful and powerful photo camera to express ourselves, how we feel and to look at our surrounding world. The workshop will focus on discovering mystery and magic of visual storytelling with renowned photographer Didier Ruef. Do not be afraid, just let yourself guide to your inner interests. Use your eyes and heart to be yourself.

Didier Ruef will lead participants through exciting days of visual presentation, lecture and discussion. The aim of the workshop is to guide each photographer towards his own way of looking and help him to create a personal style. The workshop is designed for photographers who want to tell personal stories through images and are interested in developing ideas that could lead to long-term projects. Ruef will talk about pictures’ strength and composition, visual storytelling and open-mindedness while looking at and dealing with people. He will show work from his latest assignments and books Recycle, Afrique Noire, Bestiarium and Bauern am Berg. Ruef will push yourself towards your zone of discomfort in order to bypass your limits and raise awareness about your own work. Through critiques, participants will learn how to create dynamic images with an emotional message and the elements needed to tell a story.


  • When: tba
  • Where: Lugano, Switzerland
  • Application tba

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