Leica Camera Blog Schweiz / Suisse – Fascination Leica M

On the latest issue (October 18th, 2019) of Leica Camera Blog Schweiz / Suisse, you can look at my picture shot with a Leica M6 in the book about Swiss Alpine farmers.

Leica Camera Blog Schweiz / Suisse. October 18th, 2019(click image to enlarge)

Switzerland. Lauterbrunnen valley. Oberhorn alp. © 1993 Didier Ruef

You can buy the book Bauern am Berg on www.didierruef.com

Le Temps – Le National donne l’estocade aux vaches à cornes

On the latest issue (June 8, 2018) of Le Temps, you can look at my cow’s picture on the Kernalp in Canton Nidwald, Switzerland.

Le Temps. Page 7. June 4, 2018.

“Le National donne l’estocade aux vaches à cornes” in Le Temps (PDF)

Azione – Ospiti a Corippo

On the latest issue (December 4, 2017) of Azione, you can look at my picture on the cover about Corippo, the smallest village in Switzerland.

Azione. Page 1. December 4, 2017

“Ospiti a Corippo” in Azione (PDF)

More pictures on www.didierruef.com

Sonntagnachmittag in der Schweiz – Vuadens

On the NZZ am Sonntag from February 12th 2017, a picture from Sunday afternoon’s daily life in Vuadens (Canton Fribourg)

NZZ am Sonntag. Vuadens, Canton Fribourg. Page 24. February 12, 2017.

NZZ am Sonntag (PDF)