Swissinfo – Switzerland, a nation of gun lovers

On the web site of Swissinfo from May 4th 2019, you can look at a selection of pictures from my photo essay on the Swiss love for guns.

Shooting is a favourite leisure sport in Switzerland. Its roots date back to the late Middle Ages, but especially the 19th century when shooting became an important part of national identity. But gun lovers fear a new weapons law could spoil their fun. Swiss shooters and hunters fear that the European weapons directive being put to the vote on May 19 could jeopardise their hobby, even though Bern has managed to negotiate some concessions from Brussels, particularly on army weapons.

Swissinfo. May 4th, 2019.(click image to enlarge)

Swissinfo. May 4th, 2019.

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Swissinfo – Who is ‘Homo Helveticus?’

On the web site of Swissinfo from the 2nd of February 2019, you can look at a selection of pictures from my book Homo Helveticus.

Didier Ruef has been documenting life in Switzerland for more than 30 years. His book contains a carefully compiled selection of photos of Switzerland and the people who call it home. The Swiss historian Thomas Maissen writes in the foreword to the book: “There is nothing that does not exist in Switzerland.” Perhaps, someone should add to this: and, nothing that the photographer has not captured by his camera in the last 30 years.

Swissinfo. February 2nd, 2019

The book Homo Helveticus by Till Schaap Edition with a foreword written by Thomas Maissen in german, french and english languages.

168 trichromatic B&W photographs.
29,5 x 32 cm, 208 pages,
CHF 59.–/ Euro 55.–

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Swissinfo – Le secourisme est aussi une passion

On the web site of Swissinfo from January 12th, 2019, a photo reportage on the Croce Verde Lugano and the daily work of paramedics saving lives in Ticino, Switzerland.

Paramedics at work, Massagno, Canton Ticino, Switzerland – © 2018 Didier Ruef

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Swissinfo – En voyage avec la police des trains

On the web site of Swissinfo from June 2, 2018, a photo reportage about the work during days and nights of TPO police officers of Swiss Federal Railways Transport Police.

TPO Police, Canton Ticino, Switzerland – 2017

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Swissinfo – La retraite tessinoise de la nièce de Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz

On the web site of Swissinfo from December 27, 2017, a photo reportage about the niece of Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz with a text by Gemma d’Urso.

Elsa Hofer Ferrari Ramuz, Sala, Canton Ticino, Switzerland – 2017

“La dame aux chats” in Swissinfo

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Swissinfo – Geneva’s “Court of Miracles” March 29, 2014. (click image to enlarge) March 29, 2014. (click image to enlarge)

“A night at Geneva’s Court of Miracles” in (English)
“Les nuits à la Cour des Miracles” in (French)

You can look at my story published in (March 29, 2014) on homeless people living in fallout shelter in Geneva, Switzerland.