Swissinfo – Who is ‘Homo Helveticus?’

On the web site of Swissinfo from the 2nd of February 2019, you can look at a selection of pictures from my book Homo Helveticus.

Didier Ruef has been documenting life in Switzerland for more than 30 years. His book contains a carefully compiled selection of photos of Switzerland and the people who call it home. The Swiss historian Thomas Maissen writes in the foreword to the book: “There is nothing that does not exist in Switzerland.” Perhaps, someone should add to this: and, nothing that the photographer has not captured by his camera in the last 30 years.

Swissinfo. February 2nd, 2019

The book Homo Helveticus by Till Schaap Edition with a foreword written by Thomas Maissen in german, french and english languages.

168 trichromatic B&W photographs.
29,5 x 32 cm, 208 pages,
CHF 59.–/ Euro 55.–

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Swissinfo – Le secourisme est aussi une passion

On the web site of Swissinfo from January 12th, 2019, a photo reportage on the Croce Verde Lugano and the daily work of paramedics saving lives in Ticino, Switzerland.

Paramedics at work, Massagno, Canton Ticino, Switzerland – © 2018 Didier Ruef

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Swissinfo – En voyage avec la police des trains

On the web site of Swissinfo from June 2, 2018, a photo reportage about the work during days and nights of TPO police officers of Swiss Federal Railways Transport Police.

TPO Police, Canton Ticino, Switzerland – 2017

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Swissinfo – La retraite tessinoise de la nièce de Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz

On the web site of Swissinfo from December 27, 2017, a photo reportage about the niece of Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz with a text by Gemma d’Urso.

Elsa Hofer Ferrari Ramuz, Sala, Canton Ticino, Switzerland – 2017

“La dame aux chats” in Swissinfo

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Swissinfo – Geneva’s “Court of Miracles” March 29, 2014. (click image to enlarge) March 29, 2014. (click image to enlarge)

“A night at Geneva’s Court of Miracles” in (English)
“Les nuits à la Cour des Miracles” in (French)

You can look at my story published in (March 29, 2014) on homeless people living in fallout shelter in Geneva, Switzerland.